Welcome to Xsight

Xsight is a IT solutions company. Xsight is one of the very few

vendors that focus its business solely on industrial, military

grade, intrinsic safe and highest secured wireless systems and solutions for real time applications, where rugged, harsh, and

abuses are important design criteria. Xsight had been a partner of LXE, Honeywell for many years, partners with several well know IT vendors such as SAP, Aruba Networks, Cisco, Symbol, Motorola, Metrologic, Intermec and etc. We also partner with Warehouse Managment Solutions providers.

Xsight has been installing and supporting industrial wireless networks and also rugged computers IP67 such as vehicle mounted, handhelds, rugged computers in this region for the past almost 25 years.  Our experience in complete system integration allows us to provide a customized working solution for each of our customers

Our solutions are proven for ports, warehouse, transportation, explosion hazard areas, military, oil and gas, mining and many more